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I’m Kelly, the food blogger, recipe developer, and founder of LowSoRecipes! I’m here to help you learn to cook & build amazing flavor without salt or preservatives. Whether you’re new to low sodium cooking, are a seasoned pro, or are just looking for ways to consume less salt, you’ve come to the right place!

I’ve spent years developing and creating low sodium recipes that I’d love to share with you. There are so many amazing ways to eat healthy with less salt, so I built this site as a resource for anyone looking to cook and eat less sodium in their diets.

Our Low Sodium Journey

My husband Brett and I have spent years building a healthy lifestyle through limiting our sodium intake.  Brett’s doctor recommend he consume less sodium to help with heart health, and ever since we’ve made small shifts in our diets to enjoy recipes with less salt and preservatives! There is so much amazing literature on how reducing sodium intake can improve your health, and food is one part of that.

As a food blogger, I’ve spent years developing healthy plant-based versions of my favorite recipes. But as our diets moved in a “low so” direction, I wanted to create this site specifically for our low sodium recipes and content.

Really good low sodium recipes can be so hard to find! I know first-hand. Cutting salt or sodium out of your diet is so difficult, especially in a world of convenience foods and pre-packaged meals.  I want to focus on what you CAN eat, not what you can’t. Every single recipe on this site has been created by me & tested in our kitchen – and published totally free for you here.

I want to share our own low so lifestyle with all readers, so please feel free to write us with recipe recommendations or things you’d like to see on this site. We gladly accept any and all feedback!

Sodium Does NOT Always Equal Salt

Sodium is in many pre-packaged foods you buy, it goes way beyond the salt shaker. Sodium used as an preservative and additives in all kinds of foods, even if they don’t taste ‘salty’ to you.

Our mission is to educate, bring awareness, and provide free resources on how to enjoy a life with less sodium.  We have amazing low sodium recipes here, resources, and simple lifestyle swaps and tips to help you enjoy your LOW SO life.

We’d Love to Hear From You!

Please drop us a line on any recipe recommendations (have a restaurant copy-cat favorite, or family recipe?) I love hearing what you want to see on this site.

If you represent a brand, I would love to work together to create new and healthy content for your site!  Please reach out, and I would love to partner with you.

Thanks & Make It Low So!

— Kelly